KevinaThrashera is a youtube channel that Kevin uploaded ROBLOX videos on. The series is currently called RecordGames Space (RGS) and was formelly called Buildergames Group. The first video was uploaded on April 1 and the latest video was uploaded on December 7. There have been a total of 166 videos.

Videos Edit

Giant Survival Edit

  1. Giant Survival Winter Update 2015

Twisted Murderer Edit

  1. Twisted Murderer 2 New Maps
  2. Twisted Murderer 2 New Maps (Extended)
  3. Twisted Murderer Valentine Gift
  4. Twisted Murderer Egg Hunt
  5. Twisted Murderer Egg Hunt (Again)
  6. Twisted Murderer Egg Hunt (Aidie Wanted It)
  7. Twisted Murderer Update
  8. Twisted Murderer Infected
  9. Twisted Murderer Summer Update
  10. Twisted Murderer One Year Update
  11. Twisted Murderer Squid Update
  12. Twisted Murderer Halloween Update
  13. Twisted Murderer Giftsplosion Update
  14. Twisted Murderer
  15. Twisted Murderer Spooky
  16. Twisted Murderer Grand Finale

Guest Quest Edit

Ripull Minigames (Minigame Madness) Edit

  1. Minigame Madness Winter
  2. Ripull Minigames Rename
  3. Ripull Minigames Valentine Part 1
  4. Ripull Minigames Valentine Part 2
  5. Ripull Minigames Egg Hunt
  6. Ripull Minigames
  7. Ripull Minigames New Maps
  8. Ripull Minigames Imagination Event

Jailbreak Edit

Super Bonb Survival Edit

  1. Super Bomb Survival Winter
  2. Super Bomb Survival Egg Hunt
  3. Super Bomb Survival Trick Or Treat Countdown

Flood Escape Edit

  1. Flood Esacpe Winter Games
  2. Flood Escape
  3. Flood Escape Updates
  4. Flood Escape Halloween

Reason 2 Die Edit

  1. Reason 2 Die Winter Games
  2. Reason 2 Die Halloween Update

Murder Simulator Edit

Roblox Deathrun Edit

  1. Roblox Deathrun 1
  2. Roblox Deathrun 2 Winter Run
  3. Roblox Deathrun 2 Summer Run
  4. ROBLOX Deathrun Spring

Natural Disaster Survival Edit

  1. NDS
  2. NDS New Maps

Club Boats Edit

The Quarry Edit

  1. The Quarry

The Mad Bloxxer Edit

Ro-Gear Tycoon Edit

  1. Ro-Gear Tycoon
  2. Ro-Gear Tycoon

Twisted Racing Edit

Sharp Shooter Mines Edit

2 Player Military Base Tycoon Edit

Strife Edit

2 Player Gun Factory Tycoon Edit

  1. 2 Player Gun Factory Tycoon
  2. 2 Player Gun Factory Tycoon (Aidies Idea)

Sword Fighting Tournament Edit

Base Wars Edit

Stop It Slender Edit

  1. Stop It Slender
  2. Stop It Slender

Work At A Pizza Place Edit

  1. Work At A Pizza Place (Update)
  2. Work At A Pizza Place
  3. Work At A Pizza Place Thanksgiving
  4. Work At A Pizza Place Christmas Update
  5. Work At A Pizza Place Pets
  6. Work At A Pizza Place Tutorials
  7. Work At A Pizza Place Update

Roblox High School Edit

  1. ROBLOX High School
  2. ROBLOX High School Summer Camp
  3. ROBLOX High School Summer Update
  4. ROBLOX High School Alvin And The Chipmunks Road Chip
  5. ROBLOX High School Around The World
  6. ROBLOX High School Imagination Event
  7. ROBLOX High School Halloween Update

Roblox Top Model Edit

  1. Roblox Top Model Part 1
  2. Roblox Top Model Part 2
  3. Roblox Top Model Summer Updates
  4. Roblox Top Model Hotel Translavania 2 Update
  5. Roblox Top Model Imagination Event

Broken Bones 2 Edit

The Mad Murderer Edit

  1. The Mad Murderer
  2. The Mad Murderer Update

Hide And Seek Edit

  1. Hide And Seek Ultimate Competiton

Forsaken Sword 2 Edit

2 Player Clone Army War Tycoon Edit

Murder Mystery 2 Edit

  1. Murder Mystery 2 New Map
  2. Murder Mystery 2
  3. Murder Mystery 2
  4. Murder Mystery 2
  5. Murder Mystery 2 Halloween Update

Star Wars Tycoon Edit

  1. Start Wars Tycoon Part 1
  2. Star Wars Tycoon Part 2

Mad Games Edit

  1. Mad Games
  2. Mad Games New Lobby
  3. Mad Games Cat Attack
  4. Mad Games New Maps
  5. Mad Games Christmas Update
  6. Mad Games Auras
  7. Mad Games Easter Update
  8. Mad Games Shop Update
  9. Mad Games Summer Update
  10. Mad Games
  11. Mad Games Halloween Update

Survive The Disasters Edit

  1. Survive The Disasters Part 1
  2. Survive The Disasters Part 2
  3. Survive The Disasters 2

Vampire Hunters Edit

Roblox Dodgeball Edit

  1. Roblox Dodgeball
  2. Roblox Dodgeball Summer Camp

Escape The School Obby Edit

Roblox Titanic Edit

Miners Haven Edit

Super Hero Life Edit

TNT Rush Edit

Whatever Floats Your Boat Edit

ROBLOX Monstrum Edit

2 Player Candy Tycoon Edit

Bird Simulator Edit

  1. Bird Simulator
  2. Bird Simulator

The Clone Factory Tycoon Edit

Legend Of The Calezards Sword Edit

Roblox Tree House Tycoon Edit

Roblox Warcraft Edit

Epic Minigames Edit

  1. Epic Minigames
  2. Epic Minigames Alvin And The Chipmunks Road Chip
  3. Epic Minigames

Arc Of Elements Edit

Grand Blox Auto Edit

Heist Edit

Apocalypse Rising Edit

Phantom Forces Edit

Lumber Tycoon Edit

Speed Race Edit

Escape Pirate Island Obby Edit

Knights Revenge RPG Edit

Paintball Frenzy Edit

The Plaza Edit

Make A Cake Edit

Escape The iPhone Obby Edit

Cube Simulator Edit

Escape Prison Obby Edit

  1. Escape Prison Obby Part 1
  2. Escape Prison Obby Part 2

Twisted Paintball Edit

  1. Twisted Paintball
  2. Twisted Paintball King Of The Hill

RoCitizens Edit

  1. RoCitizens Around The World
  2. RoCitizens Halloween Update

Field Of Battle Edit

ROBLOX Summer Camp Edit

Blox Hunt Edit

  1. Blox Hunt Summer Camp
  2. Blox Hunt Trick Or Treat Countdown

Tiny Town (Summer Camp) Edit

Kick Off (Summer Camp) Edit

Design It (Trick Or Treat Countdown) Edit

Retail Tycoon Edit

  1. Retail Tycoon Trick Or Trick Countdown Part 1
  2. Retail Tycoon Trick Or Treat Countdown Part 2

Meep City (Trick Or Treat Countdown) Edit

Freeze Tag (Halloween) Edit

ROBLOX Halloween Special Edit

Speed Run 4 Edit

Other Edit

  1. Tour Around RGS HQ Part 2
  2. Notices For RGS
  3. Stereo Box (Map 1) Of ROBLOX Dash

Deleted Edit

  1. Sky0198 And Therasheara873
  2. Zednov Army War Tycoon
  3. Tour Around RGS HQ Part 1
  4. RGS Easter Competition
  5. Hide And Seek Extreme Around The World

RecordGames Space Members Edit

KevinaThrashera has mentioned 20 people to be in the RGS.

  1. KevinaThrashera
  2. Therasheara873
  3. KevinaRipa129153
  4. Pac98
  5. Isabella953
  6. Carla9153
  8. Shaye12953 (Mentioned)
  9. ROOBLOXIA (Mentioned)
  10. RileyInside123 (Mentioned)
  11. Billdamen (Mentioned)
  12. BarbieTastick12993 (Mentioned)
  13. Rasputin07 (Mentioned)
  14. Alexandra12953 (Mentioned)
  15. ZoeCloe23 (Mentioned)
  16. Amanda12953 (Mentioned)
  17. JakeFlacker721 (Mentioned)
  18. Steal123456789053 (Mentioned)
  19. Kevina9153 (Mentioned)
  20. DeadPoolWadeWilson25 (Mentioned)